Vietnam Plans is a leading provider of international health insurance. Vietnam Plans comprises a group of reliable and hardworking staffs who have added to the remarkable achievement of this company; a team of over 40 staff, who are all ready to serve you in all aspects of health insurance. We offer individuals who wish to acquire a new private health insurance an opportunity to browse the health insurance quotes and choose the appropriate plan using the quote they received. Our customizable health insurance plans will ensure you get the best for your budget and not compromise in terms of global benefits of the Vietnam Plans coverage.  You are sure to get the best health insurance service for you and your family.

We recommend only the most prestigious insurance companies around the globe, known for great success in claims processsing and good-valued health insurance products. Our main focus is to offer Expats an insurance coverage that is customized to their individual needs.

Health Insurance Plan Quote from leading provider in Vietnam

We offer not only free quotations but expert advice for individual clients, either offline (via telephone) or online (internet). We look into our customers’ interests and offer impartial and accommodating exhortation so as to offer the best insurance solutions.

QUOTES: Quotes from 4 top health insurance organizations around the globe

HEALTH QUOTES EVALUATION: We compare available health quotes and select a fitting plan that suits your specification and budget.

POLICY: Understanding the policies and the prices clearly

FREE SERVICE: Our recommendation and services are at no cost, and the premium you pay after the purchase of a policy through us will never be as expensive as that of the insurer.

COMPREHENSIVE COMPARISON: After you get in touch with us about your insurance, we will set up a thorough correlation table of various nearby health care plans from other insurers. The table will be tweaked to mirror your own needs.


Our Insurers:

Aetna International | Cigna Global | Bupa International | Allianz Insurance


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Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.