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Comprehensive health insurance plan can be obtained now. Contact us to get a quotation! We have a proven experience of 4 decades and we are a well-known health insurance service provider. Our health insurance plans allows individuals and families to choose their choice of medical facility where they want to be treated. Vietnam plans offer global medical insurance solutions, whether you are an individual who is among the locals or expat who desire for health protection of loved ones and oneself – Vietnam plan is the best option for you. Get access to overall healthcare worldwide, no matter you wherever you live, either in Vietnam or in a foreign country.

It is wise to get health protection through insurance, because medical costs of hospitalization and outpatient treatments are intensifying.

Get an advanced and healthier lifestyle right now with Vietnam Plans – a highly sophisticated and complete health protection plan. It covers everything related to your health. You will be well taken care of by Cigna Global, Bupa International, Aetna Insurance, or Allianz Insurance.

Keep you and your family protected today!

Premium Health Insurance Coverage

Tailored insurance plans ensure your attainment of your required coverage for you as well as your loved ones, at reasonable charges. Indeed, the coverage for basic necessities will be provided i.e. OPD treatment, Hospitalization, Pregnancy handling and evacuation services in emergencies.

Our offered health plans are applicable for individuals, families and personnel. Moreover, it also provides group-wise insurances for companies and organizations.

We are readily available to help you acquire the best and complete coverage at affordable charges, which you could only wish for.

Esteemed Health Insurers:

Our partners, who provide the health insurance plans, are gradually gaining reputation. They have also provided proven insurance plans and have established a position in this particular industry. Serving the needs of people and making their life happier is the utmost important part of health insurance coverage. The comprehensive plan provides international health coverage; it basically covers every aspect of health related trouble regardless of your location. They are providing exceptional medical facilities along with both dental and medical consultations.

Service Charges: We offer a variety of services and consultation free of charge, just to let you choose the perfect plan according to your requirements. In that way, you remain secure from such hidden charges that can be prompted by other providers.

Comprehensively Adaptable: When you contact us, we ask you about your requirements and seek the availability of such plans from our health insurance providers. Afterwards, the plans will be presented to you to make a choice. The best thing is, with the basic plan, you can tailor your needs and requirements whenever you require.

Most Excellent Insurance plan

We are inspired to make your lifestyle sound and healthy, with the intention that you may rejoice every moment of your life. Our organization is stirred to bring happiness in your life. We make every possible effort to make sure that your money brings you the utmost benefit. It’s a fact that money is not earned easily, it requires years of hard work. Therefore, it is imperative for every institution to be capable of providing health benefits that can cover medical bills, consultation, hospitalization etc.

We directly communicate with the facilities, in order to provide convenience and ease to the beneficiaries. Once you get a quote and employ our services, then it will not be difficult for you to get another quote from us. We cater your needs carefully. The quotes provide you the understanding of policies.

The benefits of getting a quote are:

For evaluation purposes, 6 quotes from different providers will also be given, just to ensure that we have a highly competitive offering for you.

By comparing and contrasting different plans, you can select the best one. We are confident that our plan will be your choice.

Such evaluation will facilitate in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of every offering.

Therefore, think over the benefits, customization and 24/7 customer assistance and make an intelligent choice. Your choice will not only and solely affect you, but your whole family. You decision will determine their health related treatments.

With lightening speed of internet, it has become easy to walk-through a website without hassle – to have an idea. Therefore, now it’s your call to make a right choice! Choose Wisely!

Top Health Insurance for Expats in Vietnam

Health is a blessing and always been a priority for everyone. Nowadays, because of its intensifying costs, it is becoming difficult to access healthcare facilities. Therefore, health insurance is a superior way to deal with it. Health insurance is now inexpensive than ever, and highly affordable. You can choose a variety of benefits according to your needs. Feel the luxury of customizing your health plan and lower the costs by choosing deductibles.

The finest feature of our comprehensive health insurance is our 24/7 customer support. You can contact us anytime and get top-quality assistance from our experienced enthusiastic staff.

Getting assistance at the right time is very crucial and it’s your one of the best investments ever. The insurance industry grew in 1960’s. It showed prospect for people and their investments. Take an instant and glance through our Health insurance plans and witness what we in store for you. Get adequate protection before unsympathetic situation arises. You can get a health plan from other similar Health insurance organizations.

Premium Insurance Benefits for you and your loved ones

We are making exceptional endeavours for uncomplicated and quick settlement of claim process. We are allowed and permitted from our insurers to process your claims, and we are exceptionally working hard to make it smoother and as speedy as possible.

We offer you a quote to find out more about our most comprehensive health insurance plan and speedy work procedures. We are inspired to offer you a plan within your means.

Our customer service provides advices for Plan customization in order to meet the needs of clients and their budget, location, and nationality.  No matter the location of a client, whether he/she is living in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, or anywhere else in Vietnam or globally, the services will be provided then and there. We also provides solutions include HR risk management and cost optimization to companies.

The insurers we work with are reputable  and are named amongst the largest health scheme providers of the world. Its network is extended beyond the boundaries of over 200 countries and they have millions of members worldwide with their self-regulating research and healthcare facilities worldwide.

We provide premium level of medical expertise to its clients. It has skilled medical and paramedical staff. The staff is organized and well-trained to handle emergencies. From minor to major illnesses; staff and facility ensures well-being of every patient. Other assistance services by facilities include;

  • Evacuation services
  • Transport services
  • 24/7 availability of medical staff
  • Safekeeping, proper care and individual attention to every patient

The comprehensive plans we offer give you the peace of mind. The cover consist benefits beyond the boundaries of a country in terms of;

  • Hospitalization
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Preventive health screening
  • Family doctor
  • Pregnancy
  • Day-care
  • Medicines
  • Dental
  • Optical

Furthermore, payment system is quite easy and without any hurdle. Payments to medical facilities will be made by our partner insurers in direct settlement and without any claim penalty. The rule applies to all the facilities around the world, even in the best facilities.

Health Options

Primary part – Whether the treatment is a periodic or emergency, it will be covered.   Other treatments are also covered, i.e.

  • Cancer treatment
  • Endoscopy
  • Every type of surgery

The hospitalization of the beneficiary is not mandatory to get cover. The scheme also covers non-hospitalized medical treatments.

Outpatient – The consultation with specialists or general doctors is also covered. Moreover, it also covers;

  • Childcare
  • Maternity care
  • Complementary medicine,
  • Phonetics

Outpatient medical – Prescriptions are also covered including medical devices i.e. wheelchairs and oxygen cylinders.

Welfare – Eyes and teeth are also covered in our healthcare insurance plan.


Our Insurers:

Aetna International | Cigna Global | Bupa International | Allianz Insurance


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