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For you clients to get quotes and obtain comprehensive health insurance plan, we request that you get in touch with us today! We will meet your needs whether you are a local national of Vietnam or when you are in the country as an expat or being abroad. We have various plans you can choose from, and there are treatments you can get at any medical facilities included in our insurance plans. As a renowned health insurance service provider with over 40 years of success in providing medical insurance to individuals and families, we believe that health policy has never been more necessary considering the soaring costs of medical treatments, hospitalization, and outpatient treatments. We provide what are our clients exactly need.


Our clients can have a healthier and happier lifestyle through our comprehensive health protection plan. We work in collaboration with renowned health insurance companies like Aetna Insurance, Cigna Global, Bupa International, or Allianz Insurance that care cares about the overall health of our customers.

Get yourself and your family protected right now!


Premium Health Insurance Coverage

Our goal is to provide premium coverage at competitive rates, ensure our clients have basic necessities like emergency evacuations, OPD treatments, and pregnancy medications. We are proud to say that the plans can be customized according to the need of your staff, individuals and families. We also have a group insurance plan for corporates and organizations.

Esteemed Health Insurers:

Our Insurance Plans in Vietnam has proven itself in the industry and is proud of the partnerships it has made with various large and influential health insurance providers. We have the purpose of serving the health needs of our clients and helping them improve their way of life. Our international coverage provides a comprehensive plan which covers all health-related issues irrespective of the client’s location. We have exceptional medical facilities and provide high quality medical and dental consultations.

Service Charges: the service we provide do not have any extra charges, including consultations. Our clients are free to select the best plan that best meets their health needs. Our self-selection process is transparent as possible and protects our clients from any hidden charges, which is often prompted by other providers.

Comprehensively Adaptable: when contacting our clients, we assess their needs and budget and offer the most suitable plan available through the health insurance provider we partner with. Besides, our most basic policy provides a variety of customizability.

Most Excellent Insurance plan

We have confidence that our client’s health is essential and ensure that you enjoy your life and provide ease to our beneficiaries by working in collaboration with medical facilities. After selling the service that you need, it takes a short period for us to come up with quite that best fits your need. The quotes we provide give our clients an understanding of our policies.

The benefits of getting a quote are:

  • At first, we provide clients with six quotes from different providers to ensure the client has a variety of options.
  • The client can also make a comparison of different plans and choose that one that best fits. We are confident that the first choice will be the only choice.
  • We conduct an evaluation which will enable our clients to understand the pros and cons of offering we present.

We have additional benefits that are customized and 24/7 customer service available.

We acknowledge that decision to have a medical plan does not only affect our clients but also their dependents. We appreciate it when our clients do extensive research before they make their decisions.

Top Health Insurance for Expats in Vietnam

The costs of medical care are increasing, making it challenging for individuals to have access to better and quality healthcare. Besides, we have to think twice before incurring the cost of healthcare from the pocket. The threat of bankruptcy due to healthcare costs is real. This is where healthcare insurance comes in. We provide affordable healthcare insurance cover that also ensures there is a safety net in case of emergencies. Our plan is accessible than ever and allows our clients to feel the comfort of economic and high-quality health insurance covers.

Fundamentally, the significance of having an insurance policy to save on investments most people often seek insurance when the need for treatment arises or when it is already late. Making early preparation enables individuals to have the best of their lives.

The best aspect of our 24/7 consistent customer service available is to enable you to contact us anytime you want and meet your healthcare needs. We have enthusiastic and experienced staff to assist you through the process.

Premium Insurance Benefits for you and your loved ones

We have a quick and exceptional claim processing, which makes us stand out from other insurance providers. Our partner and associate companies allow us to advance our claims giving us a free hand in providing our clients with services that lack hierarchical delays.

We offer you a comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan most efficiently and effectively. We have customer service providers who advise our clients on customization of plans to ensure we meet the needs and budget of the clients. We provide our services in Vietnam and all over the world and ensures clients access our services from wherever they are. Our services also include HR risk management and cost optimization to large companies.

The insurers with which we partner are among the reputable and renowned providers of health care scheme across the world. We have a network that extends to over 200 counties with millions of clients receiving out services through self-regulating research and healthcare facilities.

Our clients have access to premium medical expertise, skilled medical and paramedical staff that is trained to handle emergencies and to ensure patient’s needs are met. The services we provide through the facilities also include:

  • Evacuation services
  • Transport services
  • 24/7 availability of medical staff
  • Safekeeping, proper care and individual attention to every patient

We have a plan that aims at giving you peace of mind by proving you with covers benefits beyond the country boundary in terms of:

  • Hospitalization
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Preventive health screening
  • Family doctor
  • Pregnancy
  • Day-care
  • Medicines
  • Dental
  • Optical

We have a payment system that is simple and hassle-free. We make payments to medical facilities through our partner insurers in provision of direct settlements without claim penalties. All the facilities work and use the same rule across the world without exception.

Health Options

Primary care-we offer medical cover for various conditions, including emergency and periodic health needs. Our cover also includes;

  • Cancer treatment
  • Endoscopy
  • Every type of surgery

To benefit from the covers, it is not a must that you get admitted to a medical facility as we also provide outpatient services.

Outpatient – The consultation with specialists or general doctors is covered, along with:

  • Childcare
  • Maternity care
  • Complementary medicine
  • Phonetics

Outpatient medical – Prescriptions are also covered, including medical devices such as wheelchairs and oxygen cylinders.

Welfare – the healthcare insurance plan also cover eye and teeth expenses.

Group health insurance

Group health insurance plan is available to all employees within an organization. Group health care plan is advantageous irrespective of where your company is global. Our international healthcare plan provides comprehensive plans to organizations which also extend to cover the family members of employees. The plans can be customized according to the needs of the company and may vary from the traditional plans by also including a cover of individual who suffer from pre-existing conditions.

Various corporate health insurance schemes

Companies can provide their employee with an insurance policy. Corporate health insurance schemes are tailored to meet the requirements of the corporation and also benefits the family members of the employees. The plan includes all associated expenses incurred at the time of admission, doctor’s charges, and any fees incurred during kidney dialysis and cancer.

The coverages include various charges including:

  • Hospitalization fees
  • Consultation fees
  • Charges for dialysis
  • Cancer management fees

We offer service in the following areas

  • Schools
  • Logistical services
  • Mining and land excavation
  • Petroleum industry
  • Sailing professions

Contact us to know more about the packages we offer.

It will be a pleasure assisting you to have a clear understanding of the significance of having employees having health benefits. We offer customized health insurance plans within your financial budget.

The insurance packages offered by us are not only for the employees and their families but to everyone in the organization. You would be receiving a massive 70% discount with the purchase of health insurance. Via the services of our health insurers who are renowned for their services, you can be at peace knowing that you are protected no matter what.

Full health coverage

Vietnam Plans provides numerous healthcare plans with minimal restrictions and several value-based benefits. These plans are inclusive and include cesarean section deliveries, normal delivery, and neonatal care. We give you the ability, to sum up, pre-natal charges incurred throughout the pregnancy period in any hospital or internationally.


Our Insurers:

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