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Contact us today for quotes for a complete health insurance plan. We will meet your needs regardless of whether you are local from Vietnam or an Expat. We offer different plans to choose from. These plans include health services at all medical centers. As a pioneer in the health insurance industry for nearly four decades, we have helped numerous families and individuals with medical insurance. In our opinion, health insurance plans are more relevant than ever, especially in light of the rapidly growing costs of medical services and hospitalization. We deliver what customers need. We partner with many leading insurance firms, such as Allianz Insurance, Cigna Insurance, and Aetna Insurance (these companies are on par with other insurance companies such as BUPA and IMG, which also provide services in Vietnam).

These comprehensive insurance plans give our clients the chance to live a healthy life. We are working with globally recognized insurance firms such as Allianz Insurance, Aetna Insurance Cigna Global, and Bupa International. All these companies aim to ensure your good health.

Buy a plan for yourself and your family, and get protected now! 

Premium Health Insurance Coverage

We seek to deliver quality health services to all our clients at an affordable price, including emergency evacuation, maternity medicine, and ambulatory care. We are pleased to say that you can customize plans to suit your and your family’s needs. We also offer insurance coverage for large organizations as a group plan.

Esteemed Health Insurers

Our insurance policies are very popular in Vietnam. We also have partnerships with renowned insurance companies. We aim to ensure the good health of all our customers and help them improve their quality of life. The foreign coverage package provides complete insurance against all medical conditions irrespective of the location of the client. We offer excellent medical and dental services from the best medical facilities.

Service charges 

There are no extra charges for the services we provide. It also includes consultations. The client has the right to choose the package that he/she considers best for them. During the selection process, we provide full transparency. We protect our clients from unforeseen costs, which other service providers also provide.

Comprehensive adaptability

We approach our clients to find out what they need and what their budget is so that we can offer the best right plan for them. Even our basic plan offers the flexibility of customization.

Most Excellent Insurance plan

Our clients’ wellbeing is very important for us. Therefore, we ensure that you have the best opportunity to live in collaboration with the best health facilities. After fulfilling our requirements, we will offer you the best quote that suits your needs. Our quotations give a clear idea about our policies to the clients.

The advantages of getting a quotation include:

  • First, we offer six quotes from leading insurance firms. This helps the customer to choose from a variety of options.
  • The client has the option to compare the plans and choose one that best suits them. We can confidently say that the first plan will always be the best.
  • We give our customers an assessment to discover the benefits and drawbacks associated with each plan.

We also provide other customized plans for all of your needs and are available 24/7.

We know that choosing health insurance is an important decision for the client and his/her family. We still encourage the client to do their own research before buying health insurance.

Top Health Insurance for Expats in Vietnam


Medical expenses are increasing every day. This makes it difficult for individuals to obtain quality healthcare. The decision to purchase health insurance has to be debated owing to the heavy burden it places on the finances. There is always a threat of bankruptcy following illness and its subsequent care. This is why health insurance is required. We offer healthcare plans which are affordable and offers comprehensive protection in the case of an emergency. We have made our plans accessible to all individuals whilst offering economic relief coupled with high-quality healthcare.

An insurance coverage is an investment that you make but majority of the people tend to obtain insurance when they require treatment or when it is already too late. Early preparation permits individuals to live the best life possible. We offer 24/7 around the clock assistance to you so that you have the ability to get in touch with us at anytime to discuss your healthcare requirements. Our staff strives to provide you with the best assistance throughout the course of the process.

Premium Insurance Benefits for you and your loved ones

Among a sea of insurance service providers which take a substantial amount of time to process claims, we pride ourselves on offering prompt claim processing. To facilitate quicker claims, our partnerships with companies were built on the foundation of special privileges that enable us to sidestep the delays caused by bureaucratic procedures.       

Our health-based insurance plans are exhaustive, utility-oriented and extremely effective. Our customer service team is friendly and helpful and will provide you with all the assistance and information that is required to devise a customized plan for yourself that best suits your requirements while being cost-effective. Our customer service is top-notch and is present in Vietnam as well as several other countries. Regardless of what country you are situated in, you can contact us without hesitation. Our firm also offers solutions based on cost optimization and HR risk management to large organizations.

In order to facilitate worldwide services, we have associated with renowned healthcare insurance service providers in several countries across the globe.

We strive to provide premium healthcare services to all of our clients, through the conduit of expert medical and paramedical professionals who underwent precise training to cater to patients requiring medical help of all types. The professionals will put in adequate efforts to ensure that you are taken care of appropriately.

Worldwide Health Options

While the insurance is offered by RHI, the services are executed by Bupa. Both families and individuals can opt for the modular global health insurance plan. There is a provision offered for you to choose the plan that comes closest to your requirements and then customize it further.    

Enjoy an expandable plan

Initially, the first step involves choosing our main hospital cover: Worldwide Medical Insurance. This will enable you to avail of different types of essential healthcare services such as emergency-based services or an elective visit.

After deciding the cover, you can devise your plan by integrating the modules that would best suit your requirements. The modules include several distinct aspects such as OPD care, health assessments and as well as insurance coverage for evacuation and medication. Moreover, our insurance plans also cover any pre-existent ailments of yours as well.

The Worldwide Medical Insurance plan is our fundamental plan that covers any necessary treatment that you need to undergo. Both emergency visits, as well as elective visits, are covered under this plan. Moreover, the plan’s coverage includes all types of surgeries performed as treatments, a few types of cancer treatments, as well as any advanced imaging that you may be required to undergo. To better comprehend the alternative plans you can avail, please refer to the “options explanations” section stated below.

Worldwide Medical Perks

Under Worldwide Medical Plus, you can visit your doctor or a specialist and undergo treatment that does not mandate hospital admission for recuperation, without having to incur the entire cost by yourself. Moreover, the maximum coverage it offers in terms of monetary value is US$ 42,500 of treatment per year (non-inclusive of fees related to transplant-based services). After two years of membership, the plan will incorporate coverage for services related to maternity and child care as well as for complementary therapies and speech therapy.

Worldwide Medicines and Equipment

Under Worldwide Medicines and Equipment, costs incurred for prescription medication and medical equipment including, but not limited to, oxygen supply systems and wheelchairs are covered. If you suffer from any long-standing illnesses that require you to take medication consistently, such as in the case of asthma, the long-term prescription benefit will cover the medication costs.  

Worldwide Wellbeing

Worldwide Wellbeing covers a variety of fundamental services such as health screenings, vaccination programs, dental and eye care. Needless to say, such services are crucial to prevent ailments and detect diseases at early stages. Consequently, you can also undergo treatment at an early stage before the condition deteriorates.  

Worldwide Evacuation

This provision is ideal in cases where local treatments or infrastructure does not suffice for the requirements of your case. Under this provision, reasonable transportation costs are covered to ensure that you reach the closest medical centre that offers appropriate services for your condition. Conversely, through repatriation, you can either travel home or to a familiar setting in a particular country of nationality for your treatment.

Group health insurance


Typically, the employees of large companies enjoy the benefits of the Group health insurance plan; regardless of where your organization is situated, the Group health plan is extremely useful. Companies can avail our international healthcare plan, which offers a comprehensive list of provisions, for the employee as well as their family. Based on the requirements of a company, the plan can be customized. This plan is different from the rest as it covers pre-existing conditions.

Various corporate health insurance schemes

Employees of most organizations enjoy insurance benefits. Corporate health insurance plans are devised in such a way that the company’s requirements are met while proving to be extremely advantageous to the employees. The majority of services are covered under such schemes such as admission fee, doctor’s fees, or kidney or cancer dialysis.

Under such plans, there are various kinds of charges such as:

  • Hospital admission charges
  • Cancer treatment fees
  • Doctor’s fees
  • fees for dialysis

Our services are customized to suit the following sectors:

  • Logistical services
  • Schools
  • Sailing professions
  • Petroleum industry
  • Mining and land excavation

To learn more about the packages that best suit you, get in touch with us.

We would love to help you better understand the health-based advantages that you can offer to your employees. Our insurance plans are customized to fall within your budgetary constraints.  

The packages we provide are not limited in their utility to merely your employees and their families. Instead, they are relevant to every individual in your organization.  

If you purchase health insurance packages from Vietnam Plans, you can enjoy a discount of up to 70%. Availing our health insurance plans will offer you so much more than monetary benefits; they will offer you peace of mind.     

Full health coverage

You can enjoy various healthcare-based options with minimal limitations coupled with value-oriented under the Vietnam Plan. Among the coverage of other services, these plans include coverage for costs incurred under normal delivery, caesarean section, and neonatal care. We also assist you in computing the pre-natal charges incurred in any national or international hospitable.

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