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Aetna health insurance (Bao Hiem Bao Viet) collaborates with other medical professionals in different regions of the world deliver quality and affordable service to clients. Aetna International strives to create the convenience of health in Vietnam and worldwide, making healthy living a priority and improving medical accessibility. We reveal cost and details of your plan before you access The company is a reputable international insurer whose health insurance plan popularly identified as Global Healthcare has cared for millions of customers worldwide. We have various clients from different parts of the world such as Vietnam and worldwide. that are enjoying the benefits of our company Insurance policy.

Aetna Vietnam is one of the leading insurance companies across the globe. They operate round the clock with top medical experts of the medical line to enhance your healthcare program. They have a team of staff who work non-stop from everywhere in the world to provide the best support and service to you. Aetna Singapore is well known for its global insurance coverage that has been guarding numerous clients internationally.

With Aetna Worldwide, you have an abundance of choice, and you can pay for whatever you need within your budget while preserving maximum coverage benefits.

Aetna International concentrates on Healthcare. Financing is not the only thing to consider; we care about keeping you in top shape. Aetna works together with various hospitals, professionals, medical experts and facilities across the globe to provide you with the best benefits and value. They provide you with all the necessary details and information at the right time and without hassles. By this action, you know what to expect; which is the best health care possible.

Aetna International is trying its best to create an exceptional healthcare system that starts with a simpler process such as acquiring information about the total cost of treatment before an individual subscribe to the organization services. Our outstanding health services do not only exceed the cost of service; it also maintains the health of people. Furthermore, the company strives to create a connection between health maintenance and affordability.

Aetna International Medical Plans

Aetna Singapore is among the leading insurance companies that have tirelessly been working every day with prominent medical experts to improve people’s healthcare. They are well known for their international insurance policy that has been protecting numerous clients around the world.

With Aetna International, there are different options to select and pay for any plan of your choice without compromising best possible policy benefits.

Aetna Advantages

-Aetna allows you to pay for only the services that you need. This means that you can customize your plans based on your budget and still get the best healthcare possible.

-Our plans will not only provide you with global coverage but also many other services that include emergency consultation as well as coverage for pregnant females and dental wellbeing.

-The comprehensive coverage you will benefit from Aetna International is a full package that comes with a lot of additional benefits

The offers from Aetna International will certainly provide you with fantastic benefits like:

-We do not coerce or manipulate you to pay extra charges or buy a policy that does not serve your best interest. You only pay for what you need.

-We provide free insurance coverage for three of your children after your first child

-You can receive treatment anywhere you please.

-You receive the best treatment (even when evacuation is needed)

-You will receive full service and support from our team of staff who work tirelessly round the clock to ensure you get the best healthcare.


Protect your household in the best way possible. Aetna Worldwide provides you with the health insurance they deserve. We’ll consider your requirements and best rates into account when selecting or recommending a plan. For you to get the finest gains in the best prices, we will mix and match.

Having comprehensive travel insurance in place allows you to have peace of mind. We have a global group of health professionals and experts who provide support in various languages. These are some of the unique factors that make Aetna International unique and reliable

Families and income earners should prioritize getting excellent health insurance policy plans. These will help during emergencies because no one knows when one can occur. With a good plan, you will get coverage on costly medical expenses for illness, physical exams, regular check-ups, doctor consultations, and medicines.

Corporate Insurance

Coverage for all types of organizations

From start-ups to medium-scale corporations, to multinationals and specialist companies, we have a wide array of comprehensive health programs to suit the needs and requirements of your organization.

24/7 customer care

We provide multilingual help support. A team of experts and advisers across the globe are ready to answer your queries.

Online strategy management

We provide online administration and maintenance for you and your staffs. This means employees can monitor and update their health policy plans.

We at Aetna International Medical Insurance know how intricate and challenging a medical health insurance cover may seem.  You can contact us for free consultations and a quote.

Get an Aetna International Plan with us

Aetna International will provide the appropriate health insurance scheme for you and your family. We are always ready to consider your choice and offer our clients cheap service cost. Protect your family by subscribing to our service NOW

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