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Allianz Insurance has earned the reputation of being the best service provider of international travel as well as health insurance services. Company’s client list includes 83 million clients worldwide. The company has its base in Vietnam as well. Around 500 fortune firms have stated Allianz Insurance as the best insurance service provider with quality and transparent system of working.

The company believes in working entirely for the welfare of clients. Moreover, the firm has a professional team of experts to deal with different client requests. Thus, customers can be rest assured that any type of insurance query would be dealt with much precision.


Allianz Worldwide Care Advantages 

Allianz Health insurance includes every sector ranging from students to Expats. Health is an important aspect and getting costlier to maintain as well. Nowadays everyone wants to save enough for any kind of health emergency and we at Allianz Insurance help in doing so. Our health insurance plans have been tailor made to suit every pocket and are thus flexible to use. You just need to call our executive to know everything about the health insurance.

Allianz travel insurance covers travel costs for all kinds of medical works. Our travel plans cover everything ranging from doctor’s visit to hospitalisation costs. You need not worry about anything while travelling for health matters.

Allianz Health Insurance Plan

Allianz Insurance offers different packages at affordable prices. The packages include benefits of all kinds, especially for maternity matters. You just need to tell our executives about your insurance needs and get to know about the perfect insurance package for you. We also do not hesitate to add different aspects of insurance as per your requirements. So, just call and get the best insurance plan.

Travel Insurance in Vietnam

We have travel insurance plans in Vietnam as well. Please visit our website and select the insurance plan.

There are two kinds of insurance plans

Single trip travel insurance 

Annual travel insurance scheme

You can select the correct option out of the two for getting an insurance quote. We deal in both domestic as well as international travel. We cater to every kind of travel problems such as loss of baggage, damage of baggage, delay in receiving the baggage, etc.

Consult our advisory board and tell them in detail about your needs to get the best insurance deal which is value of money.


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