Cigna Health Insurance Coverage

Cigna is an over thirty year’s international health insurance company with millions of clients in different regions of the world. Their global operation in the health sector has significantly secured several lives. The company is well known for quality healthcare products and best medical care. We have Cigna Global clients from Vietnam and worldwide.

The company workforce of 30,000 professionals is dedicated to the healthy living of over 60million customers. Their expertise and ability to use modern medical facilities has tremendously helped us to provide quality healthcare services to our valued customers

Cigna Global Plan

Cigna Global Insurance offers customers a three levels basic healthcare plans. Each of these plan features both planned and unplanned hospitalization.

The plans also cover all surgery, cancer treatment, and advanced imaging, whether received while staying in a hospital or visiting as a day patient.

Cigna Global Optional Benefits

Cigna Global insurance also offers outpatient treatments which include consultation with a medical specialist without hospitalization. Furthermore, you can enjoy family doctors visitation, pregnancy, medicine, evacuation, vision and dental services when you subscribe to any of our plans.

Cigna Insurance Advantages

Cigna Insurance offers individuals, families, and companies with comprehensive global core covers with high-level benefits and more options regarding voluntary benefits. With us, you are sure of quality service at a lower cost.

Get a Cigna Plan with us

Your welfare is our concern. Our rates are competitive in nature and were prepared by client demands.

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