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Liberty Insurance việt nam (bao hiem liberty viet nam) offiers premium health insurance products in Vietnam and worldwide. The Health insurance packages comes with comprehensive benefits and numerous unique features that will bring you the peace of mind you desire, while being customizable and affordable.

In addition to the family and team discounts, there are other many flexible benefits that will ensure Liberty can address your needs effectively and efficiently.

International Health Insurance Vietnam:

Liberty insurance (bao hiem liberty) offers coverage for illnesses and injuries, covering health treatments and check ups in Vietnam and anywhere in the world in conjunction with 24 hour medical services with internationals SOS. Liberty Insurance offer free critical medications and health checks annually and offors no limitations on the amount of days in hospitalization and services annually. The comprehensive cover extends its benefits for various ambulance services, home nursing, pre and post cancer treatments and even bodily transplants. Emergency evacuation and repatriation locally or worldwide is also covered, with critical illnesses attended to without any delays. There is also no restrictions on the amount of doctor’s visitations and flexible choices for the services, be it, in


Liberty Insurance Vietnam and Worldwide listens to their clients who have made them what they are today; maintaining excellence in averting the adverse situations in homes, work and various public spaces, by medically protecting upfront. In this awesome experience, Liberty have dealt with the alleviation pain, fear, loss and distress. This causes satisfaction as protection of people is observed. The significance lies upon Liberty’s desire to help people live safely and securely. The Liberty Insurance Hotline is always available to listen to you.  This is called ” The Liberty Assurance”!


Our Insurers:

Aetna International | Cigna Global | Bupa International | Allianz Insurance

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