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Liberty Insurance Vietnam (bao hiem liberty VN) have presence in Vietnam and is a global insurance company offering excellent insurance schemes. The scheme provides a variety of benefits and features plans that are affordable and customizable. The company also provides discounts for friends and families of beneficiaries.


Who are we?

Liberty Insurance Vietnam is a strategic business unit of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group with the headquarters in Boston. The Group is a diversified global insurer. It is the third-largest property and casualty insurer in the US. It was also position 68 on the Fortune 100 list of the largest corporations in the US-based on the 2018 revenue. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group had annual consolidated revenue of US$41.6 billion in December 2018. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group provides its services in five continents across the world and has over 50000 employs in its 800 office throughout the world.

Founded in 2011 in Ireland, Liberty Insurance is a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual Group which has served its clients for over 100 years. Honesty is a fundamental value that the company strives to uphold for the betterment of its customers. The company aims at providing the best possible insurance coverage and services to clients at affordable rates while upholding the rule of honesty and fairness.

Liberty Insurance offers a wide range of Health insurance scheme intending to achieve profitable growth and remain among the top ten companies providing general insurance in Vietnam. The company has earned an excellent reputation for meeting its promises, being consistent in underwriting philosophy. The company is dedicated to doing the right thing, and it continues to aim at remaining the insurer of choice to our customers and intermediaries.

Liberty Insurance is visionary on behalf of policymakers and has an essential role in helping people have safer and secure lives.

What do we do?

Liberty Insurance insures different commodities, including motorcycles, vans, homes, and cares, among others. The company also provides business coverage and strives to ensure that its customers have the highest levels of customer care services. Liberty Insurance prides itself with quick and efficient service.

Where are we?

We have offices in Cavan and Dublin with over 100 employees dedicated to providing our customers with quality services. We have a client-support facility in Enniskillen. For those living in and around Dungarvan, Dongeal, we can be reached through a phone call.

Why do we have over 215,000 Irish customers?

We meet our client’s need. We persistently work to provide comprehensive coverage supported to exceptional customer service and fast claim processing. We are privileged to be one of the companies with the swiftest claim processing. We have unparalleled customer service with high regard.

International Health Insurance in Vietnam:

Liberty Insurance offers accident and illness coverage. The insurance plan includes consultations, 24-hour medical assistance, and care provision to clients in Vietnam and all over the world in partnership with International SOS. Also, the company offers annual health check-ups on regular special care free of cost. The company does not have a limit on the period of yearly hospitalization.

The package offered by the company also consists of domestic care, coverage for before and after cancer cases, organ transplantation, ambulance care, and global emergency rescue and repatriation services. The high-end facilities are available to ensure clients receive fast and premium health services.

We provide consultation at no extra fee no matter how many times a client may need it. Liberty Health Insurance operates with global medical experts with the aim of delivering exceptional healthcare services. We have been credited with the widely known “Global Healthcare Benefits” policy provides a cover to millions of customers across the world. The services we offer are above and beyond the industry standards in the provision of unique forms of cost estimation of plans before selection, allowing our clients to predict various costs related to the preferred plan.

In Summary:

Liberty Insurance offers illness and accidents coverage and includes medical care in Vietnam and across the world with 24/7 availability of healthcare assistance accompanies by international SOS. Liberty Insurance providers different superior benefits, including:

  • Critical care at no extra fee
  • Yearly health check-ups
  • No limitation for annual hospital duration

The package comprises of the following:

  • Domestic care
  • Ambulance/emergency care
  • Coverage for pre and post malignancy (Organ transplantation in extreme cases)
  • Worldwide emergency rescue
  • Repartition facilities
  • Necessary quick medical care
  • Unlimited consultation hours
  • Ultimate customization which is open for selection if needed by a client



The existence of Liberty Insurance across the world and in Vietnam ensures customer feedback and ideas are considered. The feedback and ideas have helped the company grow to what it has become today. The company ensure that it maintains premium quality services while eliminating potential adverse scenarios at home, in public, and at the workplace by offering care services when needed. The company has played a role in ensuring peace of mind, happiness, and safety of health and wealth of our clients. Liberty feels privileged when customers feel safe and sound because the safety and security of people is our primary concern. We refer to this liberty available 24/7, “The Liberty Assurance.”

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