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Liberty Insurance Vietnam (bao hiem liberty viet nam) provides exceptional health insurance schemes in both Vietnam as well as in other countries across the globe. The health insurance scheme encompasses exclusive benefits and several special features which would provide you with all the assurance you need, it is highly customizable and is set at a very reasonable price point.

Liberty insurance offers a friends and family discount to their packages along with numerous other perks which ensures that you have the most suitable package which meets your requirements.

Who are we?

Liberty Insurance is under the Liberty Mutual group, who has a proven career record of over 100 years in the felid of insurance while serving millions of customers in countries across the world. This group was founded on principles of philosophy of fairness and always giving the customers that is right for them. From the inception of Liberty insurance in Ireland in 2011, we have been paying special attention on fairness; while providing the best possible insurance coverage to the customers at an affordable price point supplemented with exceptional in class support.

What do we do?

We provide insurance coverage to various commodities such as cars, motorcycles, home and vans. Liberty Insurance also provides commercial insurance for the business sector all the while being enhanced by our exceptional customer care service. We are here to serve you, serve you in the best possible way in a swift manner.

Where are we?

We have two offices located in Dublin and Cavan, employing more than hundred staff members to provide you with the best possible service. We have established another customer support center at Enniskillen, so even if you live in Donegal, Dungarvan or a place in-between, you are still one a phone call or mouse click away from our specialized Liberty Insurance contact.

Why do we have over 215,000 Irish customers?

The main reason being we provide insurance in the way it should be provided. We are constantly attempting to provide the best possible insurance schemes, supported with the best possible customer care, added with swiftest resolution of your claims- we are always striving to be the best in the business. We care about our customers, we treat every customer with respect and humility and is fair in every aspect of our business.

International Health Insurance in Vietnam:

Liberty Insurance (bao hiem liberty) provides insurance coverage for sickness and accidents, which include health checkups and treatment across Vietnam or anywhere in the globe together with 24hr medical assistance with international SOS. Liberty Insurance provides critical medical care free of charge together with annual health evaluations also there are no restrictions to the number of days of hospitalization per year. This comprehensive package consists of services for ambulance facilities, home care, pre and post cancer management treatment and even organ transplantation. Services for emergency evacuation and repartition is available worldwide, providing swift attention to life threatening injuries. There are no limitations on doctor visitations and ability to choose your services.


Liberty Insurance Vietnam and worldwide always pays attention to what their customers are saying and hence has managed to grow to the present stature; they strive to maintain high quality in service while circumventing any potential adverse scenarios at home, place of work or in other public areas, by providing appropriate medical care when needed. By providing such a service, Liberty has been successful in relieving pain, fear, losses and mental distress. This ensures personal satisfaction as people are protected. The main important fact is Liberty’s wish to assist people in their lives to be safe and secure. The Liberty hotline is open to anyone. This is what is called “The Liberty Assurance”


Our Insurers:

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