William Russel Insurance

William Russel is founded by Inez and James cooper in 1992, the company has grown over the the last 25 years from a family-run business to  foremost supplier of international life, health and income cover, and now the company has a great customers in more than hundred countries worldwide. You can take with you our Span of plans that you can easily renew each year.

Around us is a lot of insurance company out there but there’s just a few who can give you quality service and one of them is William Russel who is your partner for international insurance, our company has trusted by our customers to deliver straightforward and affordable plans that can cover their clients’s health, life and income wherever they are. Plans that will help you prevent the unexpected cost, making plan about your health and wealth would be your first priority you likely already know that the expat journey follows the road less taken; but it’s a path you need not take alone and with that is the William Russel insurance that will help you prepare for the unexpected.

We believe in that advisers not impersonal call centers, and straight, clear and reliable communication rather than pages of small print. We are an insurance provider, independent, and free from the demands of shareholders or investors. Our only obligation is to provide you great offers and services, what sets us apart is our personal touch that’s why understand your needs, know your challenges and share your vision. That’s the difference of our company William Russell.

As William Russell is your partner we offer different levels of international private medical cover, in that way you can choose and look for the policy that is best fits your need. You will also find our premiums continually fair and that is the edge of choosing a specialist. You’re never on your own with William Russell, we will be with you wherever you go and make sure to you that our character is to provide om-time, equitable and conflict-free hand when you need us the most.  With William Russell we offer an individual and business covers where you can get renewable private health cover in almost anywhere in the world, our company is flexible enough to take your chosen treatment that depends on your plan. Our corporate plans can also help your business entice and maintain the best employees who understands, implement, and manage cover options easily to meet you expectations that suits your budget.

Having a worldwide network means providing you a worry less living because if you move to other country William Russell is with you as your protection with the option to add cover for your visits to other country. Our company works together with medical providers globally and by your chosen plan you may have either a medical treatment within the area you’re in or have the option to look for a provider elsewhere. We know the the significance of having one who understands your policy, needs and situation at the other end of the line. From your initial contact  with William Russell you will deal with the professional advisor, from our dedicated team.

That’s the William Russell difference.

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