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Once you become a partner of Vietnam Plans, you would be receiving the best from a rapidly developing company offering comprehensive global medical cover to all citizens and expatriates living across the globe.

We treasure your partnership; we would ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. We would also guarantee a lifelong recurrent income for you to develop during your leisure time.

Preferred choice.

  • We offer greater flexibility and can be approached at any time: Get in touch with us with your problems, we would do our best to provide a solution.
  • Premium claim services: We offer a premium service which would ensure best customer care and service.
  • Best cover at an attractive price: Considering our experience in being an international medical service provider, we are best suited to offering you the most comprehensive care at the best possible price point.
  • Reachable at any time: Get in touch with our multilingual customer care team through mobile, landline, Zoom, WhatsApp or WeChat at any time.

Join us and experience the difference: Obtain a competitive remuneration during your leisure hours to develop a passive income through contacts and utilizing your skills in writing.

How to join as a preferred partner?

We offer numerous partnerships, you can apply to any depending on your position, you can be a simple informer or a professional in the field. Fill out the form given below and we would be contacting you shortly afterwards.

If you have any queries regarding the application process or would prefer to get in touch with a partner, simply get in touch with us through 

We are extremely delighted to develop a cordial and transparent business partnership with you. We are dedicated to offering our affiliates with everything which is required to develop and record sustained growth and development. Select the best partner as this will decide your commission percentage and complete freedom from limitations. As always, the more you speak about us, the greater your earning would become.

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